So Danca: Supply, Pointe Shoe, Elektra Ring (#EKRING)

So Danca: Supply, Pointe Shoe, Elektra Ring (#EKRING)

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**Unless you are buying a replacement for a shoe you are currently wearing, we strongly recommend you get a professional fitting for this shoe to ensure a proper and safe fit!**

Add further support to your pointe shoes by adding an elastic ring discreetly around your foot and the shank housing, or around the outside of the shoe and your foot for added support at barre. This wide elastic loop helps prevent twisting, pushing too far over the box and brings the shank to the underside of the foot. Feel the difference!

Learn more about Elektra Tech and the innovative design and construction of Elektra shoes here!


  • Available in 5 different sizes, which correlate to the width of your foot
  • Can be worn two different ways for a more customized fit

 **IMPORTANT** : This listing is for the rings alone, WITHOUT SHOES. 

Shoes can be found in this listing here.

Shanks, which are *REQUIRED* for your safety and for the performance of the shoe, can be found here

One pair of Elektras with one pair of shanks, & one pair of rings = $140