So Danca: Pointe Shoe, Elektra Alina I (#P88)

So Danca: Pointe Shoe, Elektra Alina I (#P88)

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**Unless you are buying a replacement for a shoe you are currently wearing, we strongly recommend you get a professional fitting for this shoe to ensure a proper and safe fit!**

Elektra Tech allows dancers to customize their shank strength based on the strength and flexibility of their foot, and features a box that will not break down like a traditional shoe's will. Alina I offers a low vamp for shorter toes, Elektra durability, 3 different strengths of pre-arched shanks, and a side elastic drawstring.

Learn more about Alina I and Elektra Tech and the innovative design and construction of these shoes here!


• More durability than a traditional shoe
• Greater balance en pointe
• Perfect adherence to the arch
• Elastic drawstring with side adjustment
• Interchangeable shank versatility - soft (pink), medium (blue), hard (grey)
• Elegant, comfortable, light and very quiet
• Ease of demi-pointe roll-through
• Includes toe levelers and extenders for perfect adjustment and comfort inside the box

Available in B, C, D, E widths.

Fully vegan materials, inside and out.