Eurotard: Ballet Shoe, Split-Sole, Leather, Coupe (#A2004a)

Eurotard: Ballet Shoe, Split-Sole, Leather, Coupe (#A2004a)

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This premium leather adult ballet shoe is ready-to-wear with a pre-sewn, crisscross elastic and a soft, drawstring free elastic binding. The full grain leather uppers contour effortlessly to the shape of the foot for exquisite lines and supreme comfort. A hidden elastic casing that connects the suede sole patches keep the shoe snugly on the foot while beautifully highlighting the arch. Eurotard's signature flattened, elongated metatarsal pleating improves the fit, feel, and look of the shoe without having any bumps or bulges underneath the toes.

In adult sizes, in Pink.

Sizing Recommendation: Women, same size as street shoe