Capezio: Pointe Shoe, Ava

Capezio: Pointe Shoe, Ava

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Product Features:

  • -Broad inner toe box
  • -Moderate vamp-
  • -Slight u-shaped throat
  • -Satin binding with elastic drawstring
  • -Plush, anti-slip microfiber lining prevents excess sweating and blisters caused by friction  
  • -Internal heel counter provides additional structure at heel
  • -Bias side seam elongates the line of the foot
  • -Lowered profile
  • -Moderate hand-flattened crown
  • -Slightly slanted platform encourages the dancer to go over the box
  • -Removable surgical gel on internal platform edge alleviates toe pressure
  • -Reduced sole length eliminates excess at the heel
  • -Full #2.5 leather board/red board combination shank offers flexibility to the arch
  • -Traditional stitched pleating with quiet toe construction

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