So Danca: Pointe Shoe, Elektra Joy II (#P324)

So Danca: Pointe Shoe, Elektra Joy II (#P324)

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**Unless you are buying a replacement for a shoe you are currently wearing, we strongly recommend you get a professional fitting for this shoe to ensure a proper and safe fit!**

 **IMPORTANT** : This listing is for the shoes alone, WITHOUT SHANKS. Shanks are *REQUIRED* for your safety and for the performance of the shoe. 

Elektra Tech allows dancers to customize their shank strength based on the strength and flexibility of their foot. Designed for the dancer with a Greek or Egyptian foot, Joy II is wider through the metatarsals and tapered through the toes. The ample platform provides stability en pointe while the shank-housing and box construction allow for a beautiful roll-through. Soft wings provide support through the metatarsals and create a beautifully smooth look through the toes. Joy II offers full coverage for those dancers needing a higher vamp. 

Learn more about Elektra Tech and the innovative design and construction of these shoes here!


  • Interchangeable shanks
  • No break-in or break-down period
  • Will outlast traditional shoes
  • Available in B, C, D & E widths

Shanks can be found in this listing here.

Rings, which are optional (but help with the fit, feel and performance of the shoe) can be found here

One pair of Elektras with one pair of shanks, & one pair of rings = $145